A Columbarium is a series of enclosed niches for the placement of cremated remains.

The early Christians, who fled to the catacombs for safety, set aside special places there for burial use.  They named such a place a Columbarium which is Latin for dovecote, since they resembled the places domesticated doves lived in.  The dove is the symbol of the Holy Spirit and the early Christians made this association to remind themselves of the sacred nature of the remains of their families.

Throughout the history of the church, until space became limited, burial usually took place in the church or on the church grounds.  Burial became more and more expensive as it distanced itself from the Church.

Today the use of the Columbarium, is a way of bringing this ceremony back into the church, as well as serving as a reminder to the living of our connection with and belief in the Communion of Saints. 

The St. Mark’s Columbarium is located on the southeast wall in Isadore's Garden.  It is easily visible from inside both chapels.Members of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church and their immediate family, who would like to have their ashes placed at the church have two options:
  • Inurement of cremains in a niche.
  • Ashes buried in the ground of the garden.


Niche …

The $1,500 cost of the niche space, includes, the container, the bronze name plate (name of person and dates of birth and death), and the perpetual care of the garden.  No additional assessments for the Columbarium will ever be required of niche owners.

Niches may be reserved prior to need.  Specific niches may be selected in the order applications and initial payments are received.  All niches will be the same price at any given time regardless of location.

A certificate will be issued to the purchaser of the niche (after payment in full is received) by the church, which entitles one to the right of use, not the right of ownership, i.e., a niche may not be sold, transferred, or assigned to another person.

Each niche is designed for the cremains of one person.  For those wishing it, adjacent niches may be chosen if available

Garden ...

The $750 cost of burial of ashes in Isadore’s garden includes a plaque placed on the tablet on the wall of the Chapel Garden, giving the name of the person and the dates of birth and death, permanent record in the church office and upkeep of the garden grounds.

No container will be allowed and no record or marker of the exact spot of burial will be kept.

The bronze tablet on the wall of the Chapel Memorial Garden will contain the names of those whose cremains are buried in the Garden and a record of each burial will be kept in the church office.


Isadore Gadson

In loving memory of our beloved sexton, "Mr. Isadore". Whose quiet presence made real the Spirit of God.