Visiting St. Mark's

At St. Mark's we go out of our way to help visitors feel welcome! When you arrive for church on Sunday a greeter will welcome you and invite you to wear a nametag. That's so we can address you by name. You’ll see that most everyone, including staff and church leaders, wears a nametag.

When you enter the church you will receive a printed bulletin that contains the order of service and Sunday announcements. Children’s bulletins and crayons are also available. If your child does not receive a Kids Word bulletin and crayons, just ask any usher. Please feel free to sit wherever you would be most comfortable. If you need assistance in finding a seat, please do not hesitate to speak with an usher.

In the Episcopal Church, all worship is taken from The Book of Common Prayer (BCP). St. Mark’s worship bulletins are ‘user friendly’ and direct you, as needed, to BCP and hymnal page numbers. BCP’s and hymnals may be found in every pew. Typically we stand to sing and proclaim the Gospel; we sit to hear the Word proclaimed and to listen and learn; and, we kneel for prayer. Perhaps the easiest way to know when to stand, sit or kneel is to watch the clergy and others upfront in long, white robes (known as ‘albs’).

So that we can get to know you further, please fill out and return a St. Mark’s visitor information card found in the pew racks and the entry area of the church. The completed card may be placed in the offering plate, handed to an usher or given to a member of the clergy.

When church has ended, we invite you to join us in our hospitality area for something to drink and eat. At the Welcome Stand you'll find a member of our vestry who will be pleased to answer any questions you might have and introduce you to other church members. Additionally, it would be our clergy’s pleasure to meet and speak with you.

St. Mark’s is conveniently and centrally located in beautiful Palm Beach Gardens.

What to Wear

St. Mark's does not have a dress code. Some people like to dress up a little more for Sunday services, but you'll also see people in casual clothes, especially during our warmer months. What you choose to wear when you visit is not important; what DOES matter is having you with us at St. Mark’s.


Music plays an important role in St. Mark's worship services. Our teen and adult choir celebrates Sundays during our 10 a.m. service. For special occasions the choir is augmented with an orchestra, and often young people from the congregation or school are featured performers.