Open to persons from all walks of life, The Peace Chapel at St. Mark’s has been completed as part of the WE WILL! Build in Faith Capital Campaign Phase II. A place for personal and spiritual exploration, growth, healing and meditation, the chapel is open 24 hours/day, seven days/week. Whether a member of our church or school, a family member with a loved one at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, or a member of our community, of any denomination, belief or interest, all are invited to visit the Peace Chapel and experience the love of God and the hope of everlasting peace.

The Altar

Made of Jerusalem gold stone, The Peace Chapel’s altar reminds visitors that God is the rock of our salvation upon whom we place our faith and trust. Mined specifically for St. Mark’s in Jerusalem, the estimated age of our altar is 220 to 240 million years. Made up of shells, fish and other fossils, the rock originally laid in the bed of the ancient Mediterranean Sea. Harvested, crated and shipped from Haifa, Israel, our altar is a solid block weighing about 3,400 pounds.

The Stained Glass Windows

The colorful, stained glass windows of the Peace Chapel remind us that we are called to live in peace with one another and in harmony with all of God's creation. Utilizing vivid hand blown German glass, the windows were designed and handcrafted by Ken Casola of Casola Stained Glass Studio in Fort Myers. St. Mark's Stained Glass Window Committee sought to express "peace" in the windows by conveying the calming flow of ocean waters, the warmth of South Florida's sunshine, the movement and wonder of God's creatures and the joy of a serene Everglades setting.

The Labyrinth

The Peace Chapel’s labyrinth, a part of our chapel’s floor, is in the design of an ancient labyrinth, an enclosed, circular path drawing participants into an intimate journey with God. Our labyrinth may be walked at any time. While no training is required to walk, facilitated labyrinth walks take place on the fourth Thursday of each month between September and April (excluding holidays), 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. Persons of all ages and interests are invited to walk the labyrinth and ‘experience an inward journey to their own true selves and back out into the everyday world.’

Kneeler Cushions

St. Mark’s Needlepoint Guild is creating, over multiple years, beautiful, custom heirloom Peace Chapel kneeler cushions. Cushions are being designed by distinguished needlepoint designer and consultant Nancy Lukoskie to be complementary to our stained glass windows and altar. The cushions will further envision the spirit and feeling of our chapel as they express God’s peace and God’s love. For more information on the Kneeler Project, click here.