Christian giving is a spiritual issue, not a financial one. We use the term "time, treasure and talent" to help us understand the gifts God has given us and how we respond to those gifts. There are many opportunities throughout the year to think and pray about what and how to give to your church. St. Mark's does not ask its parishioners to pledge a certain amount, only to pledge something. You and God will discern together how much that "something" needs to be for you to honor the abundant blessings of your life.
How do I make a pledge?
The church's annual stewardship campaign is held in the spring providing pledging opportunities. Upon joining St. Mark’s, new members receive a letter and information packet that includes a pledge card. Additionally, pledge cards are available throughout the year in the church narthex, church office or by clicking HERE.
What forms of payment does St. Mark's accept?
St. Mark's gratefully accepts contributions in the form of cash or check. Many parishioners find it convenient to pay by automatic payments from their checking accounts.  An EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) Authorization card is available by clicking HERE. Other parishioners pay by cash or check using the offering envelopes provided by the church. When you complete your pledge card simply indicate your preferred method of payment. If you would like to discuss available alternate methods of payment please contact our bookkeeper, Allison Dean.
Why should I make a pledge? Can't I simply donate money in the collection plate?
Donations placed in the collection plate are always, of course, welcome. The amount of these donations, however, varies significantly from week-to-week, and they do not provide the predictability needed to meet the church's obligations. Imagine trying to plan your family's budget not knowing how much income you can count on each month. Annual pledges provide a solid basis for the church to plan its operating budget.

Endowment Awareness

    Group's purpose is to educate and communicate with parishioners the importance of including St. Mark's in one's estate plans and to expand the membership of the Heritage Society at St. Mark's.  Click the link for more information about the St. Mark's Endowment Funds.

    Heritage Society

      St. Mark's Heritage Society recognizes parishioners who have remembered the church in their estate plans. Legacy gifts can be made through wills, life insurance, qualified retirement plans, stocks, or special life-income gifts which can provide the donor and income for life.

      Stewardship Committee

        Focuses on all aspects of stewardship, including our time, talents, and treasure. Volunteers help with Thanks-Giving brunch and inviting church members to express their gratitude to the Lord through faithful giving.