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The Year of Pandemic has challenged us all in ways few could anticipate. The resilience of the St. Mark’s community has manifested in countless ways. This year we adapted to online worship; launched a daily video series; supported dozens of individuals and families with food, housing, and Christmas; and opened St. Mark’s School on time with robust safety protocols for both on campus and at home learning. The future beyond the pandemic looks bright at St. Mark’s! We will be back to in-person worship without losing the adaptive edge we have built in the virtual space. We will enjoy the relationships that are unique to a community of faith without neglecting the care we showed one another throughout our time apart. We will love our neighbors in the surrounding region with renewed purpose as we build a world of justice and peace.

Stewardship is about belonging.  You belong as a part of St. Mark’s from the minute you participate in a virtual service or step through the door.  When we commit to a community, we have a stake in the place itself.  By pledging our financial resources, we are reminding ourselves that we belong, that God accepts us, and that we are tied to something bigger than ourselves.  God gives us the incredible gift of our life and those lives intertwined with ours.  Stewardship is all about caring for those gifts entrusted to us.  Belonging and caring go hand-in-hand.  You belong here.  Join us in giving from hearts that care for one another and a hope in a brilliant future.