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A life of faith is not supposed to be lived alone.  As a church, we are here for you.  In the good times and in the tough times, God often comes through those around you.  St. Mark’s supports one another: celebrating the great joys of life and walking together through the darker valleys.  We hope that you will feel at home here, surrounded by a community of faith.

Our time together is through a variety of activities.  Primarily, we worship with one another.  Worship is at the center of our spiritual life as Episcopalians.  Out of that time with God comes so many opportunities from Bible Study to Youth Group.  We hope we have something that will pique your interest and if we don’t, then please suggest it!

We believe that God’s love is not just for those who come to church but for the whole world!  We are constantly working to be God’s loving presence to our neighbors.  This often takes the form of partnering with organizations and people near and far.  When we reach out our hands in love, it is Jesus’ hands that embrace the world.

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, we hope you’ll grow with us.  None of us is a finished product but a work-in-progress.  We invite you to come and join us as authentically as you feel comfortable.  Thank you for taking the first step by visiting our website.  We look forward to welcoming you home.